Jay Sullivan

The New Nimble: Leading in the Age of Change

In The New Nimble: Leading in the Age of Change, award-winning author, columnist, and educator Jay Sullivan delivers a concise and actionable guide to creating the conditions for flexibility and creativity to flourish in your enterprise. Using interviews with senior leaders in a wide variety of industries and disciplines, the author distills the trends and behaviors that successful organizations use to navigate the ever-changing realities and complexities of a volatile and uncertain world.

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The New Nimble

Over the last few years, the whole world has had to adjust—and then readjust— repeatedly, as world events forced us to rethink our health, our safety, the stability of our major institutions, and the relationships that form our social fabric. Every time we settled into what we thought was our “new normal,” the ground shifted under our feet yet again and we felt uncertain and unsettled. That vulnerability has tremendous costs to our finances, our confidence, and our psyche. But it has also taught us to be more flexible and creative in the way we approach problems and more open to living with more fluid circumstances. We’ve learned that our “new normal” has been all of us learning to live in “the new nimble.”

The pace of change and the types of changes we’ll confront in the coming years will require us all to get comfortable shifting more frequently and more quickly as world events force us to rethink how we think and respond.

You’ll read how organizations in higher education, consulting, fintech, supply chain, and professional sports dealt with Covid, supported initiatives around social justice issues, responded to the insurrection at the Capitol, and reacted to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Although each chapter provides its own lessons, collectively the book provides a roadmap to help organizations hone their abilities to face the ongoing changes in the marketplace. The next changes we face, whether they come from AI, new communication platforms, or evolving military challenges, will require us to be more nimble than ever as leaders.

A must-read resource for executives, directors, managers, entrepreneurs and other business leaders, The New Nimble will prove invaluable for all professionals who serve innovative organizations in their never-ending quest to prepare for the next big challenge.

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Praise for The New Nimble

"As the world emerges from the COVID, the already rapid rate of change now seems unrelentingly faster, and its direction at any moment increasingly unclear. Through concise and accessible real-world stories, Jay Sullivan delivers thought-provoking insights and challenging inquiries to help leaders and managers navigate these uncertain times. The New Nimble should be required reading for business students and decision-makers at all levels of business and government."

Bradley S. Schneider, Member of Congress, U.S. House of Representatives

"People naturally hunger for stability, but nothing under the sun is permanent and every facet of your work and life are continuously changing.  At bottom, the future is fundamentally unknowable. This means great leaders are those that can rapidly adjust and adapt.  Jay Sullivan lays out, through carefully selected stories, how to practice the art of being nimble.  He gives life to the wise adage that one should be confident but never certain and confront change with an insatiable curiosity."

Michael Powell, Former Chairman of the FCC

"The New Nimble acts as a guide of resilience in the midst of extraordinary uncertainty. Jay Sullivan captures some of the most tumultuous times in human history and the many unprecedented moments that challenged all of us to find new and innovative ways to respond. At its core it is a reassurance and an inspiration that despite the enormity of the obstacle in our path, if we maintain proper perspective the solutions are within our grasp."

Kathy Behrens, President - Social Responsibility & Player Programs
National Basketball Association

"Jay Sullivan has done a huge service to leaders everywhere in this wise, engaging, and immensely practical book. Eager to leave the hard days of Covid behind us, we’ve failed to learn the real lessons of that awful time, which is that we are more capable of living with – and managing through – profound uncertainty than we ever guessed."

Sandra J. Sucher
Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School.
Co-author, The Power of Trust: How Companies Build It, Lose It, Regain It

"In the New Nimble, Jay does a masterful job at capturing the heart of what it takes to truly be nimble in times of change. 

He challenges you to Understand Your Essence, Ask the Right Questions, and Be Bold. Three keys to being successful in this new time of constant, rapid, unpredictable change. 

Ironically, this book starts and ends with some of my own personal career highlights, having served on the Board of Covenant House NY and International, while simultaneously, serving as Chief People and Inclusion Officer of the NBA during the pandemic and the creation and execution of The Bubble. 

This book talks about being mission driven during Covid for Covenant House and how they had to endure Covid and not turn kids away. Staying true to their mission.  And the NBA, being bold and innovative in creating the bubble to get sports back for everyone and how social justice and Black Lives Matter was interwoven into that experience, shaping, and changing the worlds perspective regarding people of color and the injustices we often face and how the NBA inspired others and got the world back on its feet.

Please read this book! It will shape you, change you, inspire you!"

Eric Hutcherson - Executive Vice President, Chief People and Inclusion Officer - Universal Music Group

"Changes in demographics and attitudes towards higher education will continue to challenge college and university revenue streams for the foreseeable future.  Leaders of these institutions will need to be nimble and would no doubt benefit from the insights gleaned from this book."

Michael Lochhead, Executive Vice President - Boston College

"Sullivan’s New Nimble reinforces the importance of organizational efficiency and adaptability in a variety of professional settings and industries, including higher education. As the value of advanced degrees continues to be scrutinized, institutions must learn to be nimble in a rapidly changing society. Faculty and staff in leadership roles need to read this book. It will inspire academic leaders to think critically about their organizations, learn from other industries, and develop innovative."

Mike Elias, Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives
University Life at the University of Pennsylvania

"Jay Sullivan’s The New Nimble is the book for the present, and the future.  The New Nimble provides clear guidance, from a range of examples drawn from different industries, sectors, and settings, for anyone who wants to understand how to remain agile and responsive to change. It is essential reading in this time when even the pace of change is accelerating."

Ray Brescia - Hon. Harold R. Tyler Chair in Law and Technology and Professor of Law at Albany Law School, and author of The Future of Change.

"The world presents new challenges every day. The New Nimble presents a framework for preparing for and responding to those challenges effectively. Sullivan synthesizes best practices from a wide spectrum of industries, providing readers with inspiring examples of resilience as well as helpful questions to pose to our leadership teams to assess our readiness for the next seismic shift we’ll undoubtedly all face."

Henry Stoever
President & CEO - Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges

"Sullivan has distilled the critical skills we all need to deal with our more uncertain and faster- changing world. In his pithy and engaging style, he has brought to life both the stories and lessons that teach us how to be ‘nimbler’. This book could not come at a better time!"

Robert Chen, WSJ best-selling author of Selling Your Expertise